We went through Covid-19 with many doubts and fears about the future. We know what we need to do today but our tomorrow is increasingly uncertain and controlled by the policies of our countries.
We try not to get discouraged but we know that in the end we can’t do without it and we force ourselves with fake smiles to see a positive side of our day.
I am a 30 year old Italian girl and I often hear myself told what the future holds without knowing what we are stumbling upon.
It makes you wonder if it’s even worth it to build a family in the face of these unforeseen and helpless threats in the face of them.
“What do we do now?” “Is there a way out of this economic malaise?”.
Of all this makes me angry to see my generation resigned without courage to face life. I envy our grandparents who went through real wars and faced all this with balls!
In any case, I am ready to bring a project with all the associated risks.
I am aware of the historical period we are going through but there is only one life and Traineroom is too!